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Letting Smokers Talk Themselves Into Quitting

Letting Smokers Talk Themselves Into Quitting

Dear Me — Case Study

Hardcore smokers are a familiar target for anti-tobacco efforts. But they are also the hardest to affect. Their addiction is too strong. Focus groups revealed a key insight. While everyone around them tells them to quit, only one person can actually get them to do it: themselves. We developed an effort where smokers wrote letters to convince themselves. Originally produced for the Washington State Department of Health, the campaign was so effective that the Center For Disease Control began distributing it to other states. To date, "Dear Me" is running in 19 states and counting.

Robert Tv — tv ad

Robert reads a heartbreaking letter about his struggles to quit smoking for his children.

Robert "Behind the letter" — TV ad

An extended mini-documentary accompanied each spot, courtesy of director and Pulitzer Prize-winning documentarian David Turnley.